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Despite your best efforts, sometimes stuff happens. One of your kids comes down with a serious illness or a storm knocks a tree into the roof of your house. In any event, you need money NOW.

You may have searched for same day loans online to deal with the crisis. If so, you may have become overwhelmed with the number of lenders out there. In seeking loans online same day lenders seem to be numerous. Don’t be fooled. When you look a bit closer, it becomes apparent that for loans online same day lenders are actually almost impossible to find. Many of those lenders have no money for you, while the money available from some online lenders comes with significant strings attached.

Don’t waste your valuable time. LoanNow provides real loans online so that you can get the cash you need – when you need it. LoanNow is a better alternative for the Why not check us out today?

installment loansClaims of “Online Loans Same Day” Are Often Misleading

The truth is that the promise of same day loans online is almost always false. There are very few such loans to be found. One reason loans online same day lenders are so scarce is because the vast majority of online lenders use the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system to deposit loan funds into borrowers’ accounts.

Once a loan is approved, the money is transmitted through the ACH system from the lender to the borrower’s bank account. Such transactions typically require at least one business day for processing. Ironically, ACH withdrawals take place almost immediately, eliminating the “float” that occurs with paper checks.

Nonetheless, some loans online same day lender websites feature huge banner ads promising loans with no credit check. While it’s true that many nonbank lenders do not perform a standard credit check on prospective borrowers, that doesn’t mean that everyone who applies is automatically approved. Instead, borrowers must demonstrate that they have a reliable source of income and an active checking account. And that’s only for borrowers fortunate enough to find a direct lender.

Many Online “Lenders” Have No Money to Lend

What most borrowers encounter are loans online same day lending websites that don’t issue loans at all. The truth about many lenders promising same day loans online can be found in the fine print buried at the bottom of their websites. Language like “THIS WEBSITE IS NOT A LENDER” indicates that such websites are not what they seem. They can make promises like “100 percent acceptance” because they don’t actually make lending decisions.

That begs the question – if these online lending websites don’t actually issue loans, then what do they do? The answer: they distribute your information – sometimes to a private group of brokers, but often by selling it to the highest bidder.

Some websites are administered by legitimate loan brokers. Loan brokers collect borrower information and distribute individual applications securely to a select group of lenders. Borrowers may or may not receive loan offers from the lenders that obtain their applications. Borrowers with good or excellent credit typically receive multiple competitive loan offers. Prospective borrowers with marginal credit may receive only one – or none at all.  That’s the best case scenario.

However, unscrupulous loan aggregators collect borrower information and distribute it indiscriminately – frequently selling it to the highest bidder. Borrowers unlucky enough to submit their personal and financial data to such websites find their email inboxes stuffed with loan “offers” from outfits they’ve never heard of. Many of these “offers” are merely fronts for scams. And while borrowers’ personal and financial information is floating around the Internet, they’re no closer to obtaining the money they need. Nobody has time for that.

LoanNow Provides the Cash You Need — Nowcash advance

So much for same day loans online. Fortunately, there’s a better way to get the money you need. LoanNow understands that waiting for a decision on your loan application is always nerve-wracking and is not an option if you’re facing a financial emergency. We process applications within minutes or hours – not weeks.

Our online based system can be completed in the privacy of your own home. And as a direct lender LoanNow does not share your information with third parties, so you know exactly where your sensitive data is going. LoanNow also holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, so you can submit your information in confidence.

If your credit isn’t perfect, that isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. We consider your whole credit profile, not just your FICO score. We approve many applicants turned down by banks. Once you’ve been approved, your cash arrives by direct deposit into your bank account as soon as the following business day! Our repayment schedule features manageable monthly installments that work with your budget.

LoanNow is your true source for loans online. Isn’t it time you discovered the LoanNow difference for yourself?

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