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If you’re facing the prospect of eviction or someone in your family is really sick, the last thing you need is the added aggravation of mountains of paperwork, spending hours explaining your finances to a loan officer, or the lengthy waits for a bank decision. And in the 21st century, you don’t have to put up with that. The Internet has made profound changes in almost every aspect of life – including making it possible to borrow money at home in your pajamas.

However, while it’s convenient to submit applications from home, you may be uneasy about the anonymous nature of online lending brokers or put off by the intrusiveness of peer-to-peer lending profiles. But many sources of what may appear to be easy loans actually have significant drawbacks. Others are downright hazardous to your financial health. Fortunately, LoanNow provides the money you need without the hassles associated with other so-called easy online loans.

installment loansMany Banks Offer Online Loans to their Customers

Many banks have responded to customer demands for easy online loans by allowing customers to complete the entire lending process online, from submitting paperwork through a secure online portal to receiving their funds by direct deposit. But just because they offer online applications doesn’t mean that banks provide easy loans. They still generally demand stellar credit profiles and high FICO scores for borrowers. Borrowers with marginal credit must still present collateral, a creditworthy co-signer or both to have any hope of being approved for bank loans.

Finance Companies Offer Easy Online Loans – if You Have Good Credit

Customers with good credit find an abundance of easy loans through finance companies like Quicken or Lending Tree. Borrowers with less-than-pristine credit may also be able to obtain online loans from finance companies, but with somewhat more difficulty. Borrowers with poor credit and few assets nearly always find themselves out of luck with online finance companies, much as they do with banks.

Peer-to-Peer Lenders Use Crowd funding to Provide Online Loans

There is no way to call what peer-to-peer lenders offer easy online loans. Borrowers are required to submit detailed and highly personal information to a semi-public audience. Peer-to-peer lenders also typically demand at least fair credit for borrowers to be eligible to use their platforms. Some borrowers fail to obtain funding for their loan requests, requiring them to look elsewhere for the money they need.

Credit Card Cash Advances Are as Close as the Nearest ATM

Easy loans from credit card cash advances are as close as the nearest ATM. If you have a high enough credit limit, you can obtain cash on the spot with no questions asked. But credit card companies charge much higher APRs for cash advances than for purchase transactions. There is also no grace period for credit card cash advances, which means interest is applied from the day you withdraw your money.

Pawn Shops Provide Easy Loans – if You’ve Got the Goods

Pawn shops provide easy loans to anyone who presents merchandise of value as collateral. If you’re willing to temporarily part with grandma’s diamond pendant or your loaded gaming computer, you can walk out the door with cash in your pocket. But pawn shops only lend a portion of the value of your property, and allow only a short window of 30 to 60 days before repayment – with interest – is due. Otherwise, you forfeit possession of your property for good.

Some “Easy” Loans are Actually Financial Traps

Payday lenders have enthusiastically embraced the online lending model, promising easy online loans to desperate borrowers who frequently have few other options for obtaining credit. But supposedly easy loans from payday lenders are actually little more than traps. Whether administered online or through loan stores, their predatory lending model traps borrowers in a cycle of escalating debt. Even after consistently making payments for weeks or months, your balance could continue to grow larger than the amount that you originally borrowed. Many borrowers remain in debt for months or even years before they can free themselves. So much for easy online loans from payday lenders.

LoanNow Provides Truly Easy Online Loanssame day loans

LoanNow is a new kind of lender. Our mission is to provide good people with the loans they need to meet their cash challenges now and help them improve their long term finances. We leverage the power of Internet technology to offer easy online loans to many customers that banks turn down. That’s because with LoanNow, you’re more than your credit report. We look beyond your FICO score to evaluate your entire financial picture. We also don’t make you wait weeks for lending decisions. Our online-only** model allows us to process nearly all applications within 24 hours. With LoanNow, you don’t have to put your personal possessions on the line. We never require collateral.

Repayment is also easy because LoanNow loans feature manageable monthly installments rather than demanding payment in a single lump sum. We also don’t do rollovers. Instead, we work with struggling borrowers to get them back on track.

LoanNow is built for the financial challenges of the 21st Century. Isn’t it time you checked out LoanNow for yourself?

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