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When you’re dealing with a financial emergency, you need money now, not weeks from now.  But with too many online loans, same day processing and funding results in an ongoing cycle of debt.  LoanNow is a different type of lender. With our online loans, same day processing means you get your money when you need it, but repay your loan with terms you can live with.

Online LoansWhat Are Your Options for Fast Loans Online?

Back in the day, if you wanted or needed a loan, you drove down to the bank or finance company, completed a lengthy application – and waited for a lending decision. Today, online cash loans have made it possible to borrow without ever getting dressed. But not all loans online are created equal, especially if you have bad credit. Many online loans for bad credit are simply bad deals.

Using Mobile Apps To Get Online Loans from Friends

Back in the day, loans from friends were limited to one friend spotting another friend 20 dollars for the movies or dinner.  That still happens of course, but nowadays if you and your buddy both have Smartphones; fast online loans can be made with a single touch on a screen. With friend to-friend online loans, same day processing can be as easy as sending a payment through PayPal or Amazon payments.

Many Banks Now Provide Loans Online

Most banks offer their loans primarily through face-to-face interactions coupled with paper applications. Some banks allow customers to initiate the process of applying for loans online or by phone but require in-person conferences before lending decisions are made. But some banks allow the entire process of loan applications to take place online, issuing lending decisions either by phone or by secure email.

Non-bank Lenders Also Provide Loans Online

Finance companies used to operate exclusively out of free-standing storefronts much like banks. Today many finance companies have moved their operations to the Internet, including offering loans online. Finance companies may conduct the entire process online or require applicants to mail in application documents, much like banks.

The peer-to-peer phenomenon of providing loans online is fairly recent.  Peer-to-peer lending is loosely based on the principles of lending circles common in cultural circles comprised of extended family and kin. The primary distinguishing factor of such loans is that they are made, not to family members but to strangers, with a crowd funding twist. Peer-to-peer lending seeks to replicate, or at least approximate, the sense of trust generated by dealing with people who are known by requiring borrowers to essentially lay themselves bare online.  People who are squeamish about making their private affairs at least semi-public need not apply.

Some Fast Loans Online Are Financial Traps

If you spend any time online, you can’t help but encounter banner ads promising instant online loans.  And at first glance, online loans for bad credit seem like the ideal solution. But many websites promoting fast online loans are based within Native American enclaves or even overseas. Regulation of such lenders can be difficult, if not impossible, because they often fall beyond the reach of state or even federal jurisdiction. 

Even without these complications, for many fast online loans, same day processing provides only short-lived financial relief.  They’re called payday loans for a reason – your repayment date is based on your next pay date. If you’re paid every week your entire loan, plus interest could be due in full within just a few days!

Don’t Be Victimized by Online Loan Scams

Many desperate borrowers are taken in by grand promises of instant online loans. Banner headlines boasting “Online Loans Same Day Processing!”  “Instant Online Loans!” and “No credit check!” are like music to the ears for people seeking online loans for bad credit.  But in many cases, the truth is revealed in the fine print. These websites are almost always intermediaries, and don’t offer online cash loans at all.

Instead, information submitted by borrowers is distributed to third parties that may or may not offer loans online. Some unscrupulous intermediaries simply sell information to the highest bidder!  Unfortunate borrowers who submit applications to such websites often find their email inboxes flooded with unsolicited “offers” for loans online from lenders and marketers they’ve never even heard of.  Some messages may even contain viruses or phishing attempts.

LoanNow is Your Best Choice for Fast Online LoansOnline Loans

LoanNow uses the power of the Internet to make applying for online cash loans easier and more efficient. We understand that you can’t always afford to wait weeks for lending decisions from a bank. So with LoanNow’s online loans, same day processing means you can apply online in the privacy of your own home and submit your application 24/7.

Instead of issuing online cash loans to anyone with an income, LoanNow uses a responsible risk-based underwriting system to match you with loans online you can afford. We evaluate your entire credit profiles, not just FICO scores. As a result, we often say yes when many banks say no. If you’re approved, your loans are deposited directly into your account as soon as the next business day.

Instead of requiring a lump sum payment, LoanNow schedules monthly installments that actually reduce your balance – just like a bank loan. If you run into trouble with repayment, LoanNow works with you to get you back on track, without resorting to rollovers.  If you pay off your loan before your repayment period ends, we won’t punish you with expensive early repayment fees.  And by maintaining consistent on-time payments, you can qualify for lower interest rates on future loans.

Convenience and service make LoanNow the best choice for online loans!

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