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LoanNow: Fast Loans, Even With Bad Credit

Unless you borrow from friends and family members, getting fast loans with bad credit can be an unsettling proposition. You could potentially lose treasured possessions if you turn to a pawn shop, risk your entire financial future if you get in over your head with a predatory lender who offers to “help”, or you may even eventually lose your car or your house.

If you turn your search to online channels, bad credit doesn’t really present itself as being a handicap. That’s because most of the fast loans available online don’t use conventional credit checks to qualify potential borrowers. Instead, they rely on the ability of borrowers to demonstrate reliable income.

Such lenders use slogans such as “your job is your credit” to advertise that for their fast loans online bad credit is no problem. The downside for such loans is that they carry incredibly high interest rates coupled with unrealistically short repayment periods.

LoanNow is different. We provide the money you need, when you need it, while providing you with a realistic means of repaying your loan.

Predatory Lenders and Desperate Borrowers fast loans bad credit

Many people seeking loans are dealing with financial emergencies: illness, car trouble or an urgent bill that must be paid.  In some cases, financial emergencies are a one-time instance, but for other individuals, financial emergencies are a fact of life. Limited income and available resources make daily life a balancing act.

Subprime lenders often take advantage this vulnerable population seeking fast loans with bad credit by utilizing predatory lending practices such as demanding collateral far in excess of the amount of money that they lend, charging sky-high interest rates and imposing unrealistically short repayment schedules. In too many cases, such lenders make more money from borrowers who are unable to honor the terms of their loans than they do from borrowers who somehow manage to pay them off in a timely fashion.

In doing business with predatory lenders, borrowers put their personal possessions on the line or struggle to escape the trap of endless rollovers and escalating loan balances.  Heirlooms are lost and autos are repossessed for failure to repay loans that sometimes originally totaled only a few hundred dollars.  Other borrowers are driven to declare bankruptcy, thereby ruining their credit for years, simply because they are unable to pay off a predatory payday or auto title loan.

Your Job Is Your Credit

Payday lenders make lending decisions and structure their lending terms based on your payment schedule.  That 500 dollars that you borrow to cover your rent could be due, in full, plus hefty added interest charges within a week or 10 days.

When obtaining fast loans online, bad credit too often means settling for loans that almost always result in borrowers paying far more than they received. That’s because of rollovers. If you cannot afford to pay the entire amount, you’re “allowed” to make a partial payment, while the remainder of your loan is “rolled over,” converted into a new loan with a fresh set of interest charges and administrative fees. After just a few rollovers, modest loans of a few hundred dollars have often mushroomed into four figure financial obligations.

Bad Credit, Bad Loans

With pawn shop fast cash loans bad credit risks are offset by demands for collateral up front, which means giving up the diamond bracelet or iPad that you got for your birthday. In exchange, the pawn shop extends a loan for far less than the market value of your property – and demands payment in 30 to 60 days. Otherwise you lose your property for good.

“Bring Us Your Car Title, We Will Give You Cash”

So-called car title loans don’t demand that you turn over the keys to your car. Instead, you surrender your car’s title in exchange for a small dollar amount, high interest, short term loan.  If you are unable to pay the loan, eventually you run the risk of losing your car. It doesn’t matter if the original loan was only for a few hundred dollars. The terms of car title loans allow the lenders to seize your car, whatever its value may be, if you default on your loan.

LoanNow: Your Escape from Predatory Lenders fast loans bad credit

Instead of turning to predatory lenders for fast loans when you are dealing with bad credit, let LoanNow provide the money you need and the tools to allow you to improve your financial future.

With LoanNow, your job is not your credit. We conduct conventional credit checks to qualify borrowers. But with LoanNow’s online fast loans, bad credit is not necessarily a deal breaker. We look beyond your credit profile and FICO score to evaluate your overall financial situation. So, if you’ve had credit problems in the past but you’ve turned things around, we could potentially approve your application – even if you’ve been turned down by banks.  We also don’t require collateral, so you’re not putting your house, your car or your family heirlooms on the line. Our repayment schedules feature manageable monthly installments that work with your budget.

At LoanNow we also understand that one of the main contributory factors to financial hardship is a lack of education about how money works. So we provide informative information and blog posts on our website for our customers and the general public. We also work with borrowers to help them develop good practices in handling money. Borrowers who fall behind are provided with guidance to get them back on track. Borrowers who maintain consistent on-time payment records are rewarded with lower interest rates on future LoanNow loans.

At LoanNow, we don’t just want to lend you money now; we want to help you improve your financial outlook for the long haul. Why not check out LoanNow for yourself!

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