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Obtaining direct payday loans from payday loan stores is a fairly straightforward process. You go in, submit your paperwork and one or more post-dated checks, and walk out with cash.  But driving across town can be a hassle. By contrast, Applying for loans online can be really convenient. No driving across town, and you can usually apply 24/7. But, many payday loan websites may or may not be affiliated with a direct lender, And with both types of payday loans, there’s the small matter of repayment.

A better option is to skip payday loans altogether and try LoanNow. LoanNow offers the convenience of an online application and the confidence of knowing that you’re dealing with a direct lender. It’s a definite win-win!

direct loansBorrowing from Payday Loan Stores Can Be a Hassle

In seeking loans, it’s almost always preferable to deal with a direct lender.  You know where your information is going and it’s usually easier to get in touch if there’s a problem at any point in the process.  With brick and mortar establishments, that’s usually the case.  With a telephone or face-to-face or exchange, borrowers and lenders can deal with issues and possibly complications concerning the lending process on the spot. There is also an enhanced sense of trust that is generated by real-time exchanges. However, dealing with brick and mortar establishments involves often driving across town and possibly dealing with lengthy waits, not to mention that you might have to miss work to get there during business hours.

Payday loan stores routinely process direct payday loans for qualified borrowers in house. But while a particular payday loan store is local, many stores are included in a nationwide chain. If the chain’s home office is located out of state, you could run into complications if you have a problem with your loan. That’s because out-of-state lenders often operate under the laws of their state of incorporation rather where their payday loan stores are located.

Online Payday Sites Are Often Deceptive

Applying online allows borrowers to submit their information on their own schedule – no driving across town. But borrowers must practice due diligence to ensure that an online website is actually operated by a direct lender.   Finding online payday lenders that offer direct payday loans often requires at least a bit of detective work. Many payday lending websites do not offer direct loans at all. Instead, they are aggregators that distribute your information to multiple payday lenders.

In other words, you aren’t actually borrowing from the website where you submit your information, so you have no way of knowing where your information is going. Language such as “The publisher of this website is not a lender and does not make cash advances or lending decisions” serves as the giveaway that you’re not dealing with a lender that makes direct loans. Other phrases that provide clues that the website is an aggregator include “multiple lenders,” “lender network” and “participating lenders”.

Given the recent rash of data breaches from big companies, including Target and JP Morgan Chase, you might understandably feel uneasy about providing sensitive banking and personal information to an essentially anonymous website.  But many desperate borrowers do just that, and often find their email inboxes flooded with unsolicited “offers” for loans. But reading the messages carefully reveals that the offers are usually nothing more than the opportunity to provide even more personal information to yet another anonymous payday lender. Other messages aren’t from payday lenders at all, but from shadowy marketers, spammers and phony payday scammers.

Online Payday Lenders Provide Convenience – at a High Price

If you manage to find an online lender that offers direct payday loans, you’re still not in the clear. Some online lenders only provide sketchy contact information; others provide none, making it difficult to deal with potential problems.  Even more unsettling, many online payday lenders are based out of state or located within the borders of a sovereign Native American enclave, giving rise to the unflattering “Rent a Tribe” label. In such cases, resolving disputes, unauthorized transactions and other problems can lead to a futile wild goose chase that leaves you on the hook for big bucks.  Others are based overseas, essentially out of reach of the federal government, let alone the attorney general for your state.

direct lenderLoanNow Combines Convenience and Speed with Security

When you’re dealing with a financial emergency, waiting weeks for a bank to process a loan application is not viable.  But rather than resort to direct payday loans from payday loan stores or risking your information with questionable online payday websites, consider LoanNow.

With LoanNow, you don’t deal with aggregators or third parties. We aren’t payday lenders and we aren’t part of a payday lending network. We only make direct loans, and we handle our own underwriting and lending decisions. With LoanNow, you have the convenience of applying online and receiving a response in minutes or hours – not weeks. Once you’re approved, you receive your money as soon as the next business day†.

While LoanNow operates strictly online, there is nothing anonymous about us. We’re a direct online lender based in California. We never share information with third parties, so you know precisely where your sensitive data is going. Our website lists or street address, telephone number and hours of operation, along with a response for to send us email anytime. Our responsive customer service team is readily accessible by phone and email. And as an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, LoanNow holds a superior A+ rating. With LoanNow, you can borrow with confidence.

LoanNow combines the convenience of applying online with the security of dealing with a direct lender. Check out the LoanNow difference today!

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