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Vacation Financing

You work hard and you perform well on the job. You enjoy your work, but you could really use some downtime.  But your budget is tight with no room for “extras,” including a well-deserved break. Your only hope is to obtain vacation financing.  But relying on the wrong source for vacation financing could turn a relaxing getaway into a stressful financial burden. LoanNow can help you with vacation financing that will allow you to truly enjoy your time away from the job.

best loansMaxing Out on Credit Cards

In one sense, vacation financing with credit cards makes sense. If your credit card company includes travel benefits, for instance, you can purchase plane tickets with confidence, knowing that you will be able to get a full refund if your plans fall through.  On the other hand, maxing out your credit cards to pay for a vacation is often unwise. Just like overspending during the holidays, vacationing strictly on plastic is a recipe for later regret.

Borrowing Against Your Home

Back in the day, many people viewed the equity in their homes as ready cash. Home equity loans and lines of credit proliferated, with the money for loans being used for everything from wedding expenses to splashing out on gourmet kitchens.  These days, vacation financing through home equity borrowing is somewhat less common due to the housing crisis.  It’s important to remind yourself that a home equity loan is essentially a second mortgage, and that if you are unable to repay that second mortgage, you could very well lose your home.

Splashing Out on Your Tax Refund 

During past decades, refund anticipation loans exploded in popularity. Commercial tax preparers created flashy commercials with happy individuals and families sporting multiple shopping bags from high-end stores or wearing leis standing against a backdrop of tropical palm trees – all thanks to hefty tax refund anticipation loan checks. But many people fail to realize that tax refunds are not gifts from the government, but their own money.  A better plan for vacation financing would be to arrange for a smaller or no tax refund while putting money aside in a high interest savings account dedicated as a vacation fund. 

Relaxing with LoanNow 

For many households, vacation financing is little more than a pipe dream. Nonetheless, downtime is essential to maintaining overall health. LoanNow can help with a vacation loan to finance a trip to a national park or a visit with relatives across the country. With LoanNow, your repayment is scheduled in manageable monthly installments.  And because LoanNow is an installment loan, not revolving credit, each payment actually reduces the amount of your overall debt. With LoanNow, you can enjoy time off without putting your house or your tax return on the line or maxing out on plastic. Isn’t it time to give LoanNow a try?

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