Director, Credit Risk Analytics / Predictive Modeling

For 12 million subprime credit borrowers in America, a 339% average APR payday loan was the only loan option – not anymore. At LoanNow our mission is to help good people get better loans. We are helping people with less than great credit get back on track.


As a Director of Data Analytics/Predictive Modeling you will be responsible for building cutting edge predictive models for the subprime lending space.


  • Design and implement leading-edge in-house credit decisioning models for the subprime consumer lending market
  • Develop reject inference models to leverage our decline data
  • Develop portfolio risk and loss forecasting models for portfolio risk management
  • Develop profitability models that drive ITA&PQ prospecting efforts
  • Work with various product and business teams to help predict risk, fraud, response times, website and consumer behavior
  • Develop systems and monitoring tools to mine data
  • Develop systems to visualize and monitor trends.


  • MS, or PhD in something technical, such as computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics or related technical field.
  • A consumer lending or financial services background
  • At least 5 years hands-on experience developing leading-edge credit decision models
  • Background with marketing analytics in direct mail and online lead sourcing
  • Investment optimization, profitability and loss statements experience
  • Demonstrated experience with analytical tools such as SQL, python/pandas/scikit-learn, R, Weka or similar statistical tools.
  • Proficiency with statistical and mathematical methods building algorithms, analyses, tools – regression, clustering algorithms, hypothesis testing and others.
  • Experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms with structured or semi-structured datasets.
  • Self motivated and a positive attitude.
  • Desire to work in a fast paced, iterative, hypothesis driven fast growing startup environment.

Bonus points:

  • Familiarity with Tableau
  • Experience in subprime consumer lending

About LoanNow

LoanNow is a fast-growing startup that offers tremendous advancement opportunities for its employees. We’re a stealthy team of technologists disrupting a $15 billion slow moving giant of an industry. We’ve built web scale products and helped scale them to hundreds of millions of daily active users. Our team is rethinking how the lending industry works.

Since launching in 2014, LoanNow has changed the way people borrow money by making it faster and easier than ever to get a loan. At the same time, we help subprime borrowers understand how to use credit, build a repayment history and credit file, and incentivize good borrower behavior. Our mission is to help good people get better loans.

We are a data-driven company. LoanNow is building the most innovative credit models in the world to make smarter lending decisions. But it would be silly to think a loan goes bad at the time of underwriting. We believe that what happens after the loan is funded is more important that what happens before. Much of our machine learning efforts are focused on this idea.

The LoanNow team is full of A-players who stem from some of the world’s leading technology companies such as Amazon, Twitter and more. As teammates we value commitment, accountability, honing our craft, and learning from each other. If that’s you, we’d love to chat.

To Apply

Please send your résumé, cover letter, and GitHub URL (if applicable) to Feel free to include anything you feel would make us want to hire you immediately.