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Facing a financial emergency is extremely stressful. If your child is sick or you’re at risk of losing your house or apartment, you understandably want to get funding as quickly as possible. When your car goes on the fritz and the alternative is taking three buses and two hours to get to work, you need cash – and you need it now.

But for borrowers seeking instant personal loans, bad credit often translates into frustration. LoanNow provides instant loans to cover financial emergencies with repayment terms you can live with, and without all that frustration. Why not give us a try?

cash loansBorrowing from Banks with Bad Credit Can Be Frustrating

When seeking instant cash loans, bad credit makes the process a challenge to say the least.  Banks rely heavily on your FICO score and credit report to determine whether to approve your loan application.  In many cases, the answer is a flat “no.” Or if you are approved, you must provide collateral or a creditworthy cosigner, or both.  And the loan terms are not nearly as favorable as those offered to borrowers with good credit.

When you’re seeking instant personal loans bad credit, average credit or even good credit is of no consequence where banks are concerned. The application process often requires weeks of waiting.  And waiting. And waiting. When you’re dealing with a crisis – waiting is just not an option.

Personal Loans from Friends and Family Can Put Relationships at Risk

Friends or family often step in to save the day, especially if you only need a modest amount of money. If they have the means available, friends and family may even offer to lend you money before you have a chance to even ask. And with family or friends providing the instant personal loans, bad credit is almost never an issue. But requests for large loans may cause awkwardness if the person you ask can’t or doesn’t want to grant your request. And loans that are made but not repaid in a timely fashion can strain relationships to the breaking point.

If you do opt for instant loans from friends and family members, put your agreement in writing. You don’t need a 15-page document stuffed with legalese – a letter outlining the amount you’re borrowing and when you’ll pay it back will suffice.

Pawn Shop Instant Cash Loans Carry a High Price Tag

To obtain pawn shop instant cash loans, bad credit is not a problem. Pawn shops never conduct credit checks. But this convenience comes at a potentially high price – the possibility of losing valuable personal possessions.  It’s bad enough that taking Grandma Mildred’s diamonds or your dad’s gold watch to a pawn shop is straight up embarrassing, especially if you run into someone you know.  Plus, pawn shops loan only about 25 percent of what your items are worth.  And if you fail to repay the loan within the specified time period – often 30 to 60 days –, you lose your property – for good.

Avoid Instant Personal Loans from Payday Loan Stores

Whether they’re called payday loan stores, check cashing stores or something else, with instant payday loans, bad credit is not an impediment to being approved. In fact, with payday instant loans, bad credit is used as leverage to coerce borrowers into accepting outrageous interest rates and unreasonable repayment terms.

Just as payday loans are granted based on borrowers’ income, repayments are structured to coincide with the next anticipated pay period. This often results in due dates that occur just days after loans have been dispensed.  Borrowers who cannot repay their loans on time find themselves caught in the payday loan trap of partial payments and rollovers that can add up to make the amount that you owe larger than your original loan!

LoanNow Is the Better Alternative for Personal Loansbad credit instant loan

With LoanNow instant personal loans, bad credit does not equal waiting weeks just to be declined or putting your possessions, your personal relationships or your financial future at risk.  Applying for a loan with us is convenient. Our online application can be completed in the privacy of your own home, with responses often received in minutes.

And with LoanNow, you’re more than your FICO score. We consider prospective borrowers’ entire financial profiles, and we accept many applicants that banks turn down.  If you’re approved, you receive your loan as a convenient electronic deposit to your bank account on the following business day.

Grandma Mildred’s diamonds and your dad’s gold watch are safe – we never require collateral. And we say no to rollovers that can jack up the amount that you owe. Our loans are large enough to make a real dent in dealing with your financial shortfalls, and our repayment plans feature manageable monthly payments, just like banks.

At LoanNow, our mission is to provide good people with the money they need now, with repayment terms they can live with, while empowering them to improve their long term finances.  Why not give us a try today!

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